March 17, 2015

TRANSITIONS: Hair and Makeup From Winter to Spring


We’ll be honest here, winter brings about some of our favourite makeup looks; darker lips, smokey eyes and paler tones, BUT spring is just around the corner which means it’s time to carefully pack away our deeper shades (physically AND emotionally) and LIGHTEN UP for Spring!

the looks 2‘Aint that life, you’ve finally mastered your perfect Winter look…just in time for Spring! Don’t worry though, you don’t have to completely boot it out the door with the left over snow just yet. FORA is here to help you take your Winter look and spring forward into this season’s boldest trends. We took some of our favourite Spring looks from VOGUE and have narrowed down the perfect steps to slowly shake away your winter mask!

1. The Rule of Three
All good things come in threes (except for Ryan Gosling, unfortch), and one of our favourite trios of mascara, bronzer, and lipstick can be an easy beauty routine to stick to. BUT this spring we want to shake up your regular rule of three. Pick a feature to highlight, one to compliment and one to lighten! This is a fool proof system to transition your hibernating skin to the light side.

hannah and rach 2HIGHLIGHT:
Start by selecting your feature. Pick a look you already know and love (like a cat eye), and apply it the way you are comfortable with.

Pick one feature to compliment (such as the lips) and apply the makeup in a lighter shade than normal. This can be one shade lighter, or on a whole other spectrum! It’s whatever you feel comfortable with.

Keep it light on the face! Opt out of using a heavy bronzer or blush, it’s time to let your skin breathe and absorb all the natural sunlight that is finally here! Try just using a light foundation with SPF, and if you want, a light dusting of bronzer on the apples of your cheeks.

hannah look one eyeliner 333 good

TIP: Marsala is the official colour of 2015 and makes a perfect transition colour from your darker winter lips to a more wearable all day colour. PLUS, after binging on extra coffee to wake you up during those dark winter mornings, Marsala will actually help make your teeth look whiter! The blue undertones will hide away any stains, helping you to achieve a brighter smile!

hannah close up 22

2. Nude
The look that every girl strives for. Wearing makeup without it ACTUALLY looking like you’re wearing makeup. Very classy. So how can you achieve it?

hannah 1231. BROWS:
For the nude look, always pick the brows to be your feature of choice. They’ll provide shape and definition to you face.

2. LIPS:
In this case, putting a nude colour on your lips is actually accentuating them. They will often look bigger and act as a balance to your face to compliment the eyebrows.

3. EYES:
Dare to skip the mascara with this look, and give your eyelashes a break! If you a seriously scared of bare eyes, use a little eyeliner to rim the inside of your eyes and make them pop!

hair_nude done done final

TIP: nude face means you can have as much fun with your hair as you want! Rock a crazy ‘do you’ve always been hesitant to try. With such a neutral face, now’s your time to add a little personality to your hair without it looking like you tried too hard!

3. BOLD Lip
At FORA, we like to say “on a bad day, there’s always lipstick” (source: unknown, so we’ll just go ahead and claim the rights to that). But rocking a bold lip can be scary, it makes such a statement that it’s easy to go over the top. How can you make sure your bold lip this season doesn’t over power your look? Go easy on the eye makeup and opt for a messier, thrown together hairstyle. This will ensure you pull off an effortlessly BOLD look!


HANNAH LOOK 4And there you have it, our FORA-FIED methods of seamlessly transitioning from winter to spring makeup trends! Our final piece of advice: REMEMBER LADIES ~true beauty starts from within~ And is followed by concealer.

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