March 20, 2014

Trend to Try: Marble

No longer is marble meant only for the countertops of expensive kitchens. Rather, it’s the perf pattern for fashion and beauty of all sorts (and this we feel very strongly about). In this trend guide, we not only rave on and on about the amazing-ness of marble, but also offer you some #helpful advice about integrating this gloriously chic-as-the-inside-of-a-fancy-office-building pattern into yr daily life! WERK.




Marble Hair Accessories

Source: Ilana Khon/MannerMarket/Nordstrom

Marbled hair scarves, clips, etc are not the most common accessories to come by, but I’d like to make the prediction that there’ll be more emerging soon. After all, it’s easy to see the appeal of wearing these neutral toned marble beauties as a decorative hairdo piece.



Marble Manicure

Source: LoveAesthetics/PimpMyNails

The marble nail trend is one I love for a few different reasons. Firstly, the whole bright-white Miley nails craze is nice, but this version is a little more interesting in surface detail. Also, these nails can be acheived by following a simple tutorial by *girl crush* Ivania Carpio.



Marble Apparel

Source: CreaturesOfComfort/Zara/Asos

Marble clothing: also known as the bold way to wear this texture trend. If you want to wear a small amount of marble, go for a bracelet, but if you’re bold enough to wear a lot of it, marbled jeans or dresses are the perfect way to go.



Marble Accessories

Source: EddieBorgo/Vaunte/Kenzo/UrbanOutfitters

Not only do I love all of these accessories, but I love the idea of wearing them together. I love the idea of being that super coordinated lady with a marble clutch and matching glasses and a cuff. Of course, paired with a super simple black-on-black outfit to keep the craziness low.



Marble Shoes

Source: Balenciaga/FallForDIY/JeffreyCampbell

Marble footwear? Hell yes. Splurge for the designer pairs or make your own with this marble sneaker DIY. Yay to marble-ing things with crafts!



Marble Lifestyle Accessories

Source: Pinterest/Society6/Luvocracy/DesignLykke

Your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that deserves a marble makeover. Your bedroom, technological dependancies, and even your school supplies would look ever so lovely decked out in marble print. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’m in favour of all marble everything at the moment!

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