February 26, 2014

Twist on a Classic: The French Manicure

French manicures are pretty great if you’re going to your aunt’s wedding or you have a grown-up job interview. That said, there are one million and seven ways to update the classic French tips for any non-“conservative” events in your life. These nails are kind of like the manicure version of when you’re making chocolate chip cookies and you throw in some M&Ms, or when you’re compiling a sad song playlist and you add Icona Pop’s I Don’t Care, just to mix it up a little. That’s exactly what these nail ideas are like; the french manicure…with a twist.




The Outline

Why swipe a line of colour along the tip of your nail when you could outline the whole thing? Use a nail art pen or a toothpick to carefully go around a base colour to create these ones.



Opposite French Tips

Source: FoamMagazine

These nails are the most genius concept ever. Not only does it look cool to add white to the base of the nail as opposed to the tip, but when the nails start to grow out, they’re easy to prolong by adding more white at the base. Genius.




Source: MPNails

It’s a little difficult to see what these are in the photo, but the nails are trimmed short and left plain with a longer transparent nail glued on top. The result? A clear tip in favour of a white one. Where do you get these amazing see-through nails? I wish I knew.




Source: LyndarTheMerciless

2 swipes of contrasting polish are all it takes to create these nails and give the illusion of a pointed nail, without risking poking your boyfriend’s eyes out.



Double Tips

Source: MPNails

Not one white semi-circular line of polish trim these nails but two. Using a fine brush or nail pen, line the outside top of your nails, and then add a second swipe halfway through.

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