February 12, 2014

Ur Non-Lame Guide 2: Valentine's Day Nailz

Every year, Valentine’s Day seems like an increasingly controversial topic. Maybe it’s because people have pent up anger towards a holiday where we don’t even get the day off of work/school and yet we’re expected to celebrated our undying love for our partner (or pizza). Personally, I’m entertained by the range of V-Day partakers, from the obsessed cinnamon-heart clad fans to the angry single people tweeting about being #foreveralone. Whatever your reaction to the upcoming day, I think it’s fair to say that Valentine’s Day can be significantly improved by sporting glam nailz that totally compliment your Valentine’s personality.




 You Might be Cupid

Source: Trends4Everyone

If Valentine’s Day is one of your favourite holidays, you’ve planned your V-Day date since before New Year’s Eve, and you’ll be handing out BE MINE cards to all of your classmates/coworkers, then you need nails that say “love is in the air” loud and clear. These bold red heart nails are created by shaping your nail into a point and painting a heart into the peak. Try a deep shade of red like “Twin Sweater Set” by Essie and go over top with clear top coat.



You think you’re going to wind up #foreveralone

Source: Facebook

If you’ve reached the point where you cringe at the mention of February 14th, you need to realize that it’s too young to be bitter. Save it for when you are 40 and surrounded by cats. For now, express your single-ness with a cat manicure and go make yourself an account on Tinder. Use a background colour like Essie’s “Turquoise & Caicos”, and draw overtop with a black nail pen. This one looks tricky, so make sure to include ~art skills~ on your OkCupid profile.



You’re having Girls Night

Source: Imgur

Who needs boyzzzz????? Rather than wallow in the depths of your non-Valentine’s-Day, you should totally spend the holiday with your friends this year. Order in pizza, have a Girls marathon, and paint your nails like unimpressed sweet heart candy. Start by painting your nails in various shades of glitter polish. Once it dries, place white heart stickers on top and outline and write with a black nail pen like Sally Hansen’s “Nail Art Pen”.



You think V-Day is too predictable

Source: Pinterest

You’re still going to celebrate Valentine’s Day, because you’re all for the meaning behind it, but you can’t be bought with a cheesy box of chocolates. Your V-Day plans need to be original and your date needs to avoid all things from the Valentines area in Walmart. Above all, the day is about spending time together. Hence, your nails should be kept simple and not look outrightly based around the holiday. Try a background colour like Essie’s “Midnight Cami” and use a white nail pen to draw messy hearts overtop. This way, you’ll be able to sport your manicure long after the day, and no one will know you gave yourself V-Day nails.



You Have Multiple Non-existent Valentines

Source: DDGBoutique

If your excuse for lack of V-Day plans this year revolves around celebrity “boyfriends”, it may take more than nail art to bring you back down to reality. That said — celeb boyfriends or not — these nails are awesome for any time of year. Paint your nails a nude shade like Essie’s “Jazz” and grab yourself a package of these awesome nail decals by DDG Boutique.

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