April 6, 2015

What Your Favourite Sushi Order Says About You

sushi1We all know that All You Can Eat is the motto when it comes to sushi. But have you ever wondered if you’re projecting your own personality onto your sushi orders?  Everyone knows you are what you eat, so click through to read about what your favourite rolls say about your ~*~inner soul and being~*~




You’re a classicist by nature but enjoy the occasional burst of spontaneity. While you’re amiable enough, you’ve definitely got a fiery side.



You’re a walking contradiction. Like American cream cheese in a Japanese food, you’re a combination of things that don’t naturally go together. Maybe you’re a vegetarian who drives a car with all leather seats.



You’re intimidating. Like a roll named after an arachnid, at first glance, the faint of heart might slowly back away from you and order something  else. But it’s just a front.  You think you’re the ghoulish exterior of the roll—terrifying and morbid—but you’re actually like the shell of the crab within—soft.



You’re the life of the party! You’re charming and likable. You’ve got spunk, just like the spicy mayo that makes this roll so irresistible.



You’re a minimalist. You like your sushi the same way you like your life: fresh and unaffected by nuisances. You’re a modern woman—the type who would wear immaculate all-white sneakers with an all-black outfit.



You don’t like sushi. You also might still be using a BlackBerry. Either way, you need to get with the times and expand your horizons.



You make good decisions (like choosing the good fat in an avocado over the bad fat in a fried chicken cutlet). You’re sensible and put together. You’re the friend who always has Kleenex and bobby pins handy in her purse.



You’re an acquired taste. Like a salad made from algae, some might think you’re slimy, but you know what your redeeming qualities are (for seaweed, it’s exceptionally high nutritional value!). Even if you’re a know-it- all, your crew still likes having you around.


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