June 11, 2013

Whatever Happened To: Aaron Carter

He once made your heart skip a beat (don’t lie – we all know it’s the truth), he may even still have that power over you. You wanted to go to his parties, you wanted to meet his older brother, you wanted to stroke his pale hair, you pretty much wanted to be “one less lonely girl” but not with the Biebes, we get it. However, I haven’t really noticed that spiked up platinum blonde do on the scene in a while, have you? Aaron? Aaron, where are you? Is the party still at your place tonight? I am going to do my very best job at being a private investigator, so let’s look at what we know. Here are the facts:



Diva Since 7 

Source: BuzzFeed

He began his music career when he was only 7 years old and was the lead singer for a band called: “Dead End”. Cuuuuuute. *He later confessed that some of his issues might have stemmed from his being thrown into the industry at a very young age*



New Kid On The Block

Source: BuzzFeed

In the millenium, (oh, the millenium). Aaron’s second album, “Aarons Party” (come and get it) was released. The songs were played on Disney and Nickelodeon…Nostalgia is definitely kicking in right now. He also opened up several concerts for Britney and his bro’s band, the “Backstreet Boys”…(Who will be releasing an album this summer). Jusssst a heads up.





In 2000 he began dating Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire, my homegirl). And you know what will make you feel old that is relevant/irrelevant? Hilary Duff’s son is 1 1/2. Yup.



Family Talent 

At the age of 13, Carter recorded the album Oh Aaron, which featured his first duet recording with his brother, Nick, and a duet with /the new/ group at the time, “No Secrets”.




Source: Wikipedia

He guest-starred on three episodes on Amanda Bynes’ “All That” show. Which miiiight just be the best show of my entire tween life. No, it for sure was. Bye.



Love Triangle 

Source: Hollywood Wire

He also dated LiLo and Hilary Duff at the same time. Can someone say *playa*? This obviously led to a little MEOW sesh between the two ladies. But Aaron chose his woman and broke up with Lohan in 2003. Later that same year, he reportedly cheated on Duff again and she ended it! Fool me once…



Sibling Love

Aaron and his siblings starred in a reality show, “House of Carters” which ran from October–November…aka a month. The series featured all five Carter’s living in the same house. Drama, drama, drama.



OG Kushay

Source: BuzzFeed

In 2008, Carter was arrested when he was pulled over for speeding, and authorities found less than two ounces of Marijuana in his car. Oops, Tsk Tsk.



And Then… He Danced With The Stars

Source: IMDb

Carter joined season 9 of “Dancing with the Stars”. In 2009 he was eliminated from the show along with his partner Karina Smirnoff. They finished in 5th place. *emoji shrug*



Come Back? 

Source: Zimbio, Twitter

In recent times he has also released some music online, including the single: “Dance with Me”, featuring Flo Rida as an…~uh oh~…attempt to kickstart his music career. Carter is in the process of working on a new studio album so…let’s see what he has up his sleeve.



Hopeful and Grateful






And also…



It is great to see Aaron happy and hopeful, let’s hope he’s got some great tunes in store for us! We <3 you.



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