August 4, 2016

Which Sprouse Twin Is Your Soulmate?

Cold&DheadThe Sprouse twins are all grown up and are currently two of our biggest crushes on the internet. Of course they’re nice to look at, but these boys are also extremely talented, hilarious and creative—it’s honestly too hard to pick just one. In honour of their 24th birthday, we’ve got the quiz that will finally help you decided who you’re meant to be with, Dylan or Cole?? Click through to find which Sprouse should be your spouse!





You’ve got a thing for the bad boys! Cole’s got that sexy soldering James Dean vibe, but is also the kind of guy to make you laugh until you cry. Dates with Cole would start out with him photographing you in a field of flowers, segue into making fun of Dylan for the afternoon and then wind down with you staring at how beautiful he is and watching cult classics together.



tumblr_n1x7yzNzCY1qcm0m3o1_500The equally cool but slightly more low-key twin. Dylan isn’t directly in the spotlight but knows how to finesse a hilarious tweet and maintains an artsy Instagram. Dates with Dylan would involve long walks through your favourite gallery and enjoying a tall glass of his craft beer while brushing his luscious hair into a man bun and talking video games.

Whoever you’ve ended up with, remember that the best thing about these brothers is how much they love each other, happy birthday boys!

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