December 4, 2017

Who Invented The Selfie? Paris Hilton vs. Kim Kardashian

The art of selfie taking has become a global art trend. Whether you’re simply turning your front camera on to snap a stellar pic for Instagram and Snapchat, or just saving it to your camera roll to look at later when you have no Wi-Fi, selfies have evolved the way we analyze photos and have given us a serious upgrade to our photogenic abilities.

Socialites and business women Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian West have been killing the selfie game for many years. Both stars have been widely credited for popularizing the photo trend, and when Hilton took credit for inventing the selfie, and then backtracked by saying it was a “tongue in cheek comment.” We’re ready to put this argument to rest and answer the question ourselves…who really invented the selfie?

Paris took aim at answering that burning question with a tweet she posted coining herself and pop sensation, Britney Spears as the true founders of “the selfie.”

As expected, chaos soon ensued in Hilton’s comments with some claiming that Kardashian is in fact the real originator.

But then Hilton later retracted her controversial statement on the Today Show saying she didn’t mean she really invented it, she was just joking and being “very tongue and cheek.”

Even though Hilton now denies creating the trend, we still wanted to investigate whether there was any truth to her original claims. So, we put our detective glasses on and took a closer look at this pressing case to discover who in fact is truly responsible for giving us the best photo trick since filters and geo-tagging.

Who could forget this iconic moment in 2007 when the Kardashian family were on the way to drop Khloe off to jail for a DUI charge and Kim was too wrapped up in taking selfies to care?

Kardashian released a book titled Selfish in 2015 that features exclusive selfies that dated back to the mid-2000s.

Now in Hilton’s defense, other than being her close BFF, Kardahian wasn’t nearly as well known in popular culture as she was until the late 2000s, primarily towards the tail end of 2007 when Kardashian gained public notoriety following her relationship with R&B singer Ray J.

This made way for Hilton to capitalize on her stardom, trademarking the phrase “That’s hot” and taking selfies with hundreds of prominent celebrities who she had the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with as the heiress of a billion-dollar hotel company.

Hilton had a brief cameo on The O.C. in a 2004 episode “The L.A” alongside aughts royalty Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson, where she alluded to the impact selfies would have in the future.

In the episode, she makes a very accurate prediction, comparing selfies to the autograph of the 21st century. Remember this is all the way back in 2004, which is only a couple of years after camera phones became publicly available. Now, that’s hot!

Hilton tweeted a throwback selfie she took with Kardashian during a 2006 girls trip vacation in Ibiza.

After analyzing the data it’s clear both women can rightfully accept the title of selfie queen. But ultimately, only one is the true creator and after looking at all of the evidence presented, we’re giving credit to Hilton as the originator.

Although we’re sure people have been taking pictures with their cameras facing them long before either of the two, Hilton used her prominent platform to popularize the trend, exposing it to those who may not have heard of or used the term “selfie” before. Now that Hilton has slightly turned down her party girl persona the infamous selfie torch (or should we say selfie stick?) has been passed down to Kardashian who has embraced all things selfie-related with no hesitation.

The mark that Hilton left on pop culture based on her popularity in the 2000s alone, has made it easy for the creation of selfie to be closely associated with her. It’s only right we award her the title of selfie inventor. We just hope she doesn’t make us pay royalties each time we flip our phones and snap a pic, because we’d go broke.

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