October 4, 2016

Why Tatiana Maslany Should Be Your Girl Crush


Tatiana Maslany— better known as the star(s) of Orphan Blackis killing it both on and off the screen. She finally won an Emmy this year for playing the five clones on the hit sci-fi show, but that’s not the only reason to have love for her.

This month, the 31-year-old Canadian covers Fashion magazine for the first time ever. Check out our fave pics from the feature and all the reasons she’s at the top of our girl crush list under the cut!


She’s Down To Earth

You would think that playing the lead role in a popular TV show comes with some type of earned arrogance, but Maslany remains humble in her outlook on life. In her Fashion feature, she describes walking down red carpets as “downright f*cking scary.” She masks this fear well, since she always carries herself with such poise and elegance.

“Let’s just say [doing awards shows] feels like being at a cool person’s party and being one of the nerds,” she says. “Seeing Jennifer Lawrence walk by on the [Golden Globes] carpet, I’m like, ‘She’s cool. She gets it. She knows how to do this.’ I think of it as just another performance, but I’m still trying to figure it out.”


She’s A Feminist

Maslany’s not afraid to voice her opinions on women’s issues, including the unfair scrutiny on females’ physical body and image. As one of Canada’s most high-profile actresses right now, her voice is extremely powerful.

She recounts the first time she went to L.A., saying, “ I was drawn into this thing where I thought that I should lose weight, curl my hair, tweeze my moustache, whiten my teeth and wear more makeup [to get more parts]. My pride stopped me from all that.” She says she doesn’t want to play “perfect people” or be associated with the notion that girls are silly and weak.


She’s A Proud Canadian

Maslany is very patriotic, and believes that growing up in Canada (she was born in Regina) made her into the level-headed individual she is today. “There’s something about our politics and our lack of extremism that has contributed to a gentler society,” she says. “This resonates with me. I feel like [Prime Minister Justin] Trudeau has done such great work in setting a tone for the country just by being who he is.”


She’s Got Style

When she’s not dressed as detective Beth or a soccer mom named Alison on Orphan Black, she is slayin’ the fashion game. Maslany takes a minimalist approach to fashion, wearing simple but elegant pieces. Her sexy red cut-out dress from this year’s Emmys is our favourite example of this.

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