January 25, 2017

Words of Wisdom: Celebrity Quotes On Mental Wellness

Carrie Fisher Quote

A number of celebrities from Demi Lovato to J.K. Rowling make it a point to publicly discuss their struggles with mental health issues—and fortunately more and more famous figures are starting to follow in their footsteps.

Mental health is difficult for anyone to talk about and come to terms with, and it’s even harder when you’re living in the spotlight. But speaking up about mental health is now, more than ever, extremely important. We rounded up a few quotes to remind us that those struggling with their mental health don’t have to suffer in silence.



24 year-old Demi was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2011 and has been an outspoken advocate for mental wellness awareness ever since. She’s continued to make new music, tour and generally slay in the years since her diagnosis.


Kid Cudi Quote

Last October, Kid Cudi revealed on Facebook that he checked himself into rehab for “depression and suicidal urges.” Mental health isn’t a topic that is widely discussed in public, much less among the hip hop community, but we’re hoping that Kid Cudi’s decision to speak up about mental wellness will help change that.



Best-selling Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has been vocal about her struggles with mental health since 2008, when she admitted to having suffered from depression in her twenties. Since then, she has continued to inspire us via Twitter, offering fans advice about how to deal with their anxiety and scare their “dementors” away.


Halsey Quote

It’s been almost two years since electro-pop star Halsey revealed that she has bipolar disorder. Since then, she released her debut album, went on a worldwide concert tour and performed as a featured artist on one of the catchiest singles of 2016. Need we say more?


Lady Gaga Quote

In December, Lady Gaga opened up about her struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on Today. Gaga excels at whatever she puts her mind to and the fact that she’s going to be headlining this year’s Superbowl halftime show is proof that living with PTSD doesn’t change that.


Kehlani Quote

Singer-songwriter Kehlani, who was hospitalized after a suicide attempt last year, later delivered a moving speech about her attempt and living with depression on stage. We’re so happy that she’s on the road to recovery—you’re awesome Kehlani!


Jared Padalecki Quotes

The Gilmore Girls turned Supernatural actor launched his Always Keep Fighting campaign in 2015 to raise money for To Write Love On Her Arms, an organization that works to support those struggling with mental wellness. Padalecki himself also lives with depression.


Carrie Fisher Quote

And finally, a quote from Queen Carrie. The Star Wars actress, who sadly passed away last December, took any chance she could to talk about living with bipolar disorder, inspiring others to open up about their own experiences with mental health issues.

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