August 24, 2016

Your 2000s Teenage Heartthrobs And Where They Are Now


It’s 2016 and Shawn Mendes, Zayn Malik and Drake are the objects of our affection, but before them, the early 2000s had heartthrobs of its own. Who were they and what are they up to now? Keep scrolling!



From Malcolm in the Middle to Agent Cody Banks, there’s no doubt that Frankie Muniz was our middle-school MCE. But what ever happened to the guy that made even Hilary Duff swoon? Muniz threw in his acting scripts for racing gloves and is now a professional race car driver. In terms of his celebrity, most of Muniz’s public interaction with fans is via Twitter, where he criticizes politicians and teases Malcolm in the Middle reboots.




You know Oliver James from his roles in What a Girl Wants and Raise Your Voice where he played both Amanda Bynes’ and Hilary Duff’s love interest in the respective films. Though James’ Twitter bio describes himself as an “actor, writer, musician and thinker of things,” his last acting credit was Dark Matters: Twisted But True, a TV documentary from 2012. …At least he’s still British, right?




Robert Schwartzman was Anne Hathaway’s mechanical, bass playing boo in The Princess Diaries. He had the shaggy hair and killer smile that made young girls everywhere swoon. Today, Schwartzman is best known as the lead singer of indie band Rooney. Rooney recently released their new record, Washed Away, where Schwartzman performed the majority of the instruments heard on the album.



“Miss you, wanna kiss you!” Remember when Raven Baxter made that massive Valentines Day card for her long-distance beau, Devon Carter in That’s So Raven? Well, Devon’s name is actually Jonathan McDaniel and he’s still a hottie. McDaniel’s most recent acting cred was TV series, Hit The Floor, a show that followed the lives of a football team’s dance pack. Along with acting McDaniel also happens to be a rapper. Going by the name of Lil J, the rapper-actor last released a single in 2013, titled, “Birthday.” We don’t know about you, but Devon probably would have made a way better rapper name, don’t you think?




Back in 2004, Sleepover was obviously the perfect movie for a sleepover. Sean Faris played Alexa Vega’s love interest, Steve Phillips, the popular nice jock that every girl wanted. After appearing in Sleepover, Faris also appeared in The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Pretty Little Liars.




If you didn’t have a crush on Kostas from The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, you’re about to have one now. Allow us to introduce you to Micheal Rady, an actor who, as it turns out, isn’t a Greek God born in the motherland. Moving away from the big screen, Rady has established himself on TV, with roles in Jane the Virgin, UnREAL and more. Rady now is married, has two sons and is a proud vegan.




Aaron Taylor-Johnson played Robbie in the fan fave British film, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging . After the 2008 movie, Taylor-Johnson moved on to act in much bigger roles, appearing in Kick-Ass, Savages and Avengers: Age of Ultron.




During Hannah Montana days, we all went through the roller coaster of a relationship that was Miley Stewart and Jake Ryan’s. Cody Linley was the actor who portrayed the fictional blonde-haired celebrity who always pulled on our heartstrings. Today, Linley still acts, but he acts with a buzz-cut (yes, we know, we’re sad too).




Logan from Zoey 101 was placed by Matthew Underwood, and though he was a jerk, we all secretly could never get enough of PCA’s campus cutie. Underwood retired from acting in 2009 and is now a performing arts teacher at the Academy of Entertainment in Florida. Oh yeah, and he also likes to bake.




Ethan Craft. Need we say more? Clayton Snyder played the Lizzie McGuire heartthrob the Lizzie, Miranda and Kate had a crush on. Snyder’s last film role was in 2015’s Some Stupid Film with Reality TV People where he played Generic White Man #7.


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